Incorporated 1910

The Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert’s Land Memorial Scholarship was established at The University of Manitoba in 1949 by the Association to recognize the achievements of a student studying History. Originally, one scholarship was made available to a student pursuing study in Honours History who had completed third year and was proceeding into their fourth year of study. By 1989 the fund had grown considerably due to numerous contributions over the years. The Association decided that a second scholarship should be offered to a student in Honours History who was proceeding from the second year to the third year of study. In the fifty-five years since this scholarship was established, it has provided recognition and assistance to countless students.

The continued growth of the fund allowed for the establishment of a new scholarship in Agriculture in 1993: The Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert’s Land Agriculture Scholarship. Established in recognition of the agricultural heritage of the Lord Selkirk settlement, the scholarship provides support to a graduate student doing research in methods farmers may use to add value to their products before “leaving the farm gate.” First offered in February of 1994, this scholarship has provided assistance to nine students pursuing graduate study.

Each of the three scholarships is valued at thirty percent of the annual interest generated on the endowment fund. The remainder is recapitalized into the fund, thus guaranteeing the continued growth of the fund, and consequently, the interest generated annually and the individual scholarship values.