Importance of Agriculture to the development of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the Northern Great Plains of North America emphasized in documentary

For immediate release: April 29, 2015

The Bicentenary of the arrival of the Red River Selkirk Settlers was commemorated in Winnipeg in 2012, however the activity did not stop there. For the past three years the Bicentenary of the Red River Selkirk Settlement Committee and Prairie Public Television have collaborated to produce a documentary entitled “Built on Agriculture”. The four part series depicts the history and development of the commercial agriculture Industry since the initial planting of European Wheat in 1812 in what would later be known as Winnipeg, the first permanent settlement on the Northern Great Plains of North America.

Some of those involved with the project have commented as follows:

“This is a compelling story of courage, adventure and the remarkable will of a group of pioneers to make a new life for themselves in a new and unknown land.” Mike McAndless – Agriculture Committee.

“The grain industry – it’s food, it’s a strategic commodity, it’s like oil. Lots of politics in oil. It’s a strategic commodity like water and energy so it’s going to be political. When people don’t get enough to eat, governments will fall.” Bob Roehle – Agriculture Committee

“And it all got started with a group of immigrants that struggled and persevered on land that had been written off as not being productive.” George Siamandas – Writer/Researcher

The first episode will air on Prairie Public Television at 9:30 pm CDT on May 4, 2015 with the remaining segments aired in September 2015 May. The series will be made available to the full PBS network and will reach households in Canada and the US.

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